Baking for Christmas is always something special. This is the one safe haven that always seems to cling to tradition. But perhaps you would like to try something different for a change… you might find yourself a new favourite goodie this year!

Citrus cake

Christmas tree cupcakes

Fudge cake

Lingonberry bread


Sponge cake with lingonberries and coconut toffee glaze

Silvia cake with browned butter and cardamom

Pecan toffee pie

Christmas star

Gingerbread muffins

Saffron cake with nut toffee topping

Christmas tree mud cake

Almond Tartlets with Sea buckthorn

Tiramisù cheesecake

Saffron mud cake

Gingerbread macaroons

Naked apple cake with ginger frosting

Chocolate and orange mud cake

Fried doughnut pastries

Soft gingerbread cake

Gingerbread Gateau

Caramel truffle cake

Swiss roll with fig and mascarpone cream

Spiced apple and walnut cake

Fruit cake

Waffle rolls with lingonberry buttercream

Mum's Mazarin Cake

You will find more recipes for Christmas cakes here

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Jam and marmalade

Jam and marmalade with the flavours of summer

Capture the flavours of summer fruits and berries, and check out our delicious recipes for jam and marmalade. Perfect on bread at breakfast, in yogurt or with a pancake buffet. Dansukker Jam Sugar makes it even easier to enjoy your home-made jams and marmalades.

Jam cookie ice cream

Make your own ice cream

Why buy ice cream when you can make it from scratch yourself? We've gathered our favourite ice cream recipes here, but feel free to experiment and develop your own favourites.

Rhubarb cake

Bake with summer berries

Bake with the summer's berries and take homemade goodies to your next party. A pie or cake filled with fresh, tangy berries goes perfectly with afternoon coffee. Make the most of the summer berries and celebrate the holidays!

Sparkling rhubarb

Summer drinks

Offer summer drinks at your outdoor parties or celebrate in peace and quiet at home. Here you can find refreshing summer drinks for all tastes as well as alcohol-free drinks.

Elderflower panna cotta with lime-marinated berries

Summer desserts

When it is hot, what better way to end a BBQ or summer party than with a sweetly tart and refreshing summer dessert. Here you will find tips for easy-to-make delicious summer desserts as well as those that are a little more advanced.

Cordial and lemonade

Summer juices

Take the opportunity to make juice in the summer and store away your favourite berries and fruits in bottles! Making juice is much easier than you think - see inspiration and our delicious recipes.