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About sugar

Sweetness from nature

Sugar is obtained from sugar beet in our latitudes. With its clear, pure sweetness, it is one of the most versatile ingredients in our kitchens. Sugar is also a completely natural way to ensure that your bread is fluffier, your ice cream is softer and your jam stays fresh for longer.

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Sustainable cultivation and production

Sugar beet is an environmentally friendly crop by nature. During sugar extraction, the water in the beet is recycled and what is left of the sugar beet as for example beet pulp and molasses are turned into valuable animal feed or used for Biogas production. Our Fairtrade-certified cane sugar products come from South America and Africa.

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More than just sweetness

Sweet as sugar is a common expression, and sugar certainly adds sweetness. But in addition to its pure, clear sweetness, sugar also has a number of other natural qualities that are an advantage in the kitchen.

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Sugar and health

In the Nordic Region, the consumption of sugar has essentially remained unchanged for the past fifty years. Interest in health issues is high, and in this section we have gathered together some scientifically supported information about sugar and health.

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Dansukker’s world

Dansukker is the brand for people who love home cooking, home baking and home-made products. As well as classic products such as granulated sugar, sugar cubes and syrup, we offer smart specialist products such as Jam Sugar and Glucose Syrup, as well as fantastic flavour enhancers like Muscovado Sugar and Vanilla Sugar with genuine vanilla.

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Sugar through the ages

Sweetness is something humans have always sought out. Cave paintings from 15,000 years ago show people collecting wild honey. The production of sugar from sugar cane also has a long history, but it wasn't until the 19th century that we started extracting sugar from sugar beet.

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