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Host a Glögg party

Hosting a glögg party is a simple way to bring friends together in the lead-up to Christmas. It often doesn't take much to create a cosy atmosphere. We have selected some great recipes to provide inspiration for your drinks and nibbles.

Baking for Advent

The Christmas spirit arrives with the First Sunday in Advent. Light the first Advent candle, make the coffee and tempt with mouth-watering delicacies. Make an extra batch, and you have some in the freezer for the coming weekends.

Christmas goodies

For many, Christmas wouldn't be complete without sweet treats. Put out homemade toffees, chocolates and truffles for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want the most classic Christmas treats or more advanced alternatives, we've got the recipe.

Sustainable cultivation and production

With its long roots, which can extend as far as two metres into the ground, sugar beet is efficient at utilising the nutrients found in the soil. This reduces the need for fertilisation. Sugar beet haulm can be compared to a solar collector that converts the sun's energy into sugar.

Functional properties of sugar

Sugar now comes in many varieties and can be used in many food products. Sugar has a range of unique properties that, either individually or in combination, make it an important ingredient in the modern Kitchen.

The Labelling Machine

Create simple, pretty labels and table placement cards in a variety of patterns and colours.

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Jam Hotline

Here you can find answers to common questions about making jam. You will also find useful tips and inspiring ideas for flavourings.