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Raspberry ice cream in a melon

4 servings
Raspberry ice cream in a melon
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    Ice cream

    • 6 egg yolks
    • 100 g Dansukker Granulated Sugar
    • 1 tsp Dansukker Vanilla Sugar
    • 150 ml milk
    • 150 ml whipping cream
    • 250 g raspberries

    Fruit salad

    • 1 honeydew melon
    • 250 g raspberries

    Combine all the ingredients except the rasperries in a pan and simmer until the mixture thickens. Strain through a fine-meshed sieve. Fold the raspberries into the egg mixture. Allow the mixture to cool, then pour into a bowl and place in the freezer, or churn in an ice cream maker.

    Cut off the top of the melon and scoop out the flesh. Chop into small pieces. Layer the ice cream with the melon pieces and rasperries just before serving.

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