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Preserved red cabbage

Preserved red cabbage
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1000 g red cabbage, shredded
75 g salt
1 fresh red chilli
400 ml white wine vinegar
200 ml water
100-150 ml Dansukker light syrup
2 g black pepper, coarsely ground
1/2 g ground cloves
10 g grated fresh ginger

Layer the cabbage with the salt in a bowl and leave overnight. Rinse the cabbage with cold water to remove all the salt. Rinse and deseed the chilli. Cut it into thin strips and mix with the cabbage. Put the cabbage mixture in a jar. Bring the vinegar, water, syrup, pepper, cloves and ginger to the boil. Let the liquid cool for 5 minutes, then pour into the jar. Seal. Store in the refrigerator. Good served with grilled pork or chicken.

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