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Krabbelurer dipped in sugar

Makes about 14 approx. 50 minutes
Wonderful mini pancakes dipped in sugar. Prepare your pancake mixture, take it outdoors and cook it on your portable stove. Dip your mini pancakes in sugar mixed with cinnamon or cardamom. Enjoy!
Krabbelurer dipped in sugar
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  • 120 g Dansukker Organic Sugar
  • 270 g plain flour
  • 10 g baking powder
  • 5 g Dansukker Vanilla Sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 ml milk
  • 1 pinch of salt

For cooking

  • butter

Sugar mixture

  • Dansukker Organic Sugar + cinnamon
  • Dansukker Organic Sugar + cardamom

Combine the sugar, flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and salt in a bowl. Add the eggs one at a time, the milk and finally the salt. Whisk into a smooth mixture.

Pour the pancake mixture into a bowl you can pour from and put your chosen sugar mixture in a bag. Bring your picnic outdoors.

Switch on your portable stove and heat the frying pan. Cook the pancakes in batches, put them in the bag with the sugar mixture while still warm and shake.

You can also cook the pancakes at home and dip them in one of the sugar mixtures immediately after cooking or serve them with jam and whipped cream.

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