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Jelly sweets

Makes about 15 approx. 40 min + 1 day
Jelly sweets
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  • 500 g berries of your choice, frozen (200 g raw juice)
  • 190 g Dansukker Organic Jam Sugar
  • 50 ml Dansukker Glucose Syrup
  • 100 ml water
  • Oil for the moulds
  • Dansukker Organic Sugar for dipping the sweets in

Place the berries in a saucepan and thaw them over a low heat. Liquidise the berries and strain through a fine sieve.

Weigh out 200 g of berry juice and pour into a clean saucepan. Add the jam sugar, glucose syrup and water. Simmer on a low heat until the mixture reaches a constant temperature of 120°C.

Grease silicone moulds, e.g. ice cube trays or sweet moulds, with oil and pour the mixture into them. Leave to set at room temperature for about 24 hours.

Roll the sweets in sugar to prevent them sticking together. Store in an airtight container in a dry place.

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