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Chocolate macaroons

Makes about 30-32 1.5 hours
Small chocolate macaroons with smooth buttercream. Make classic macaroons with chocolate buttercream and savour every bite.
Chocolate macaroons
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    • 250 g almond paste
    • 110 g Dansukker Brown Sugar
    • 1 egg white

    Chocolate buttercream

    • 75 g chocolate
    • 150 g butter
    • 90 g Dansukker Organic Icing Sugar
    • 1 egg yolk


    • 250 g dark chocolate

    Set the oven temperature to 175°C, fan.

    Grate the almond paste. Mix in the sugar and egg white and beat to combine. Spoon small round mounds of the mixture onto parchment-lined baking sheets. Bake in the lower part of the oven for 12-14 minutes. Leave to cool completely.

    Chop the chocolate for the buttercream and melt over a water bath. Allow to cool slightly. Whip the butter until fluffy and add the icing sugar and egg yolk. Add the melted chocolate and whip the mixture to make a smooth, fluffy buttercream.

    Spread or pipe the buttercream onto the macaroons. Place the chocolate macaroons in the freezer for 15 minutes.

    Prepare the coating. Chop the chocolate and melt it over a water bath. Remove the macaroons from the freezer and dip the buttercream side into the chocolate. Place on a wire rack to set.

    Tip! Do you want to add seasonal flavours to your macaroons?
    Add a pinch of cinnamon to the macaroon bases and a pinch of gingerbread spice to the chocolate buttercream.

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