Strawberry cheesecake with rhubarb compote

10 slices Approx. 1.5 hours + 4 hours in the freezer
Strawberry cheesecake with rhubarb compote is a summer cake for all occasions. Luxury cheesecake with strawberries and rhubarb that never fails!
Strawberry cheesecake with rhubarb compote
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    • 8 Digestive biscuits
    • 40 g butter
    • 40 g wholegrain buckwheat

    Rhubarb compote

    • 150 g rhubarb
    • 50 g strawberries
    • 95 g Dansukker Jelly Sugar Multi
    • 20 g Dansukker Glucose Syrup

    Strawberry cheesecake

    • 400 g strawberries
    • 190 g Dansukker Jelly Sugar Multi
    • 3 egg yolks
    • 30 g Dansukker Icing Sugar
    • 40 g Dansukker Glucose Syrup
    • 300 g cream cheese
    • 300 ml whipping cream

    Process the Digestives, melt the butter and mix together. Toast the buckwheat in a frying pan for a few minutes and leave to cool. Combine the ingredients for the base and press the mixture onto a round/springform tin, 18 cm in diameter. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

    Make the rhubarb compote. Rinse and chop the rhubarb and strawberries. Boil all the ingredients in a saucepan for about 4 minutes. Blend and leave to cool. Pour the compote into a silicone/springform tin, 14 cm in diameter. Pour the remaining compôte into small, round silicone moulds for decoration. Freeze for about 1 hour.

    Prepare the strawberry cheesecake. Blend the strawberries and boil together with the jelly sugar for about 2 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

    Beat the egg yolks, icing sugar and glucose syrup in a bowl. Add the cream cheese and beat the mixture until smooth. Fold in the strawberry purée once it has cooled fully. Whip the cream in a separate bowl and fold into the mixture.

    Take the base and compote out of the freezer. Place the compote on the centre of the base and place on a round/springform tin, 20 cm in diameter, ideally surrounded by clingfilm so that it is high enough.

    Pour the strawberry cheesecake mixture over and smooth it out. Pour the remaining cheesecake into small, round silicone moulds for decoration. Freeze for about 4 hours.

    Remove the moulds and clingfilm and decorate the cheesecake with the additional mini-compotes, cheesecakes and strawberries. Serve the cheesecake after 15–20 minutes at room temperature.

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