Tips and ideas

Bread rises nicely

A pinch of sugar in bread dough gets the yeast to work better so that the bread rises nicely.

Chocolate and muscovado sugar

Dark muscovado sugar gives interesting taste nuances, especially together with chocolate. Try replacing your usual sugar with dark muscovado sugar in baked products and desserts containing chocolate, e.g. cookies, brownies and truffles.

Chocolate cake with extra special taste

Replace a cup of white sugar with a cup of brown sugar next time you bake chocolate cake – it gives extra special taste.

Crystallised flowers

Pick and dry some beautiful flowers, e.g. lilac, violets or roses. Dip or paint them with pasteurised egg white, then dip them in sugar. Leave the flowers to dry on a grate. You can use the flowers to decorate cakes, tarts, confectionery and desserts.

Sugar gives crispy biscuits

If you cut back on sugar in biscuits, they become softer. Plenty of sugar gives crispy, harder biscuits.