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Fun, games and rock ‘n’ roll? You’ve come to the right place! This rock party vibrates with stage presence and euphoric fans enjoying the coolest music. The mirror ball is spinning and the stage is ready. Today everybody's a star!

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Word’s out… there’s a rock party!

All the guests at this party are VIPs. Make them really feel like stars with – you guessed – gold stars as invitations.

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Rock n’ roll

SingStar and Guitar Hero are perfect at a rock star party. But remember that air instruments never go out of style! Let rip playing air guitar, drums and trumpets.

Tip 1: Play musical charades. Have the children guess the instruments being played.

Tip 2: Play guessing games. Play songs and have the children guess the musical instruments.

Make-up for success

Don’t forget your make-up before getting on stage. Ask your mother to help you, using her own make-up or special children’s make-up.

Sweets – a great fee for rock stars!

All rock stars are paid for their performance. Choose a glamorous fabric. Cut out circles, tie them into bags and fill them with sweets to pay the rock stars after the party.

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Where’s my drink?

Whose punch is whose? Make special tags to tell the glasses apart.

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