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Once upon a time long ago, there was a birthday party with lots of children. All of a sudden it turned into a real fairytale party, and all the children were transformed into knights and princesses. They ate enchanted rocks and princess cake, and drank a magic milkshake that gave them superhuman strength…

Here are some tips on how to conjure up magical cakes, sweets and other goodies for special birthday boys and girls.

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Send them a crown

Make sure you send your invitations well in advance! It's a nice touch if the invitation matches the party's theme. Cut out pretty crowns and decorate them with glitter and beads.

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Play bingo in the royal hall with half the kingdom as the prize.

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For creative fairytale guests

Shiny, glittering jewels and golden beads… Make bracelets and necklaces or decorate magic swords with the jewels from the treasure chest.

Fairytale sweets

Royal sweets are precious and wrapped in real silver… These cone-shaped sweet bags are quick to make and guaranteed to be popular.

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Golden crowns

All real fairytale princesses and princes have a crown. Why not start the party by having everybody make their own crown?

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