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How about a real jungle adventure? Instead of ferocious tigers, we suggest cute monkeys and snakes.

So if your little guests like swinging in creepers, check out our jungle handbook. You'll find tips and ideas for changing your home into a jungle that would make Tarzan green with envy.

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Send an elephant greeting

What does an elephant in a letterbox sound like? Something like this: Please come to my jungle party at...

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Who's that wriggling?

Could it be one of these cute sweet-filled snakes? You can make them out of socks or knitted tubes. Fill them with toffees, lollipops or other wrapped sweets.

Tip: Hide the snakes and get the kids to search for them.

Swing from a creeper

Well, these creepers aren't actually strong enough to swing from. But they look good and create a great jungle atmosphere. You can easily make them out of crepe paper.

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A taste of the jungle

Before serving the fruit salad, you can play the tasting game. Blindfold the children one at a time and put a piece of fruit in their mouth. Can they guess which fruit it is? If the answer is correct, keep giving the same child different fruits to taste until they guess wrong or don't know the answer.

Flying monkeys and elephants

Fill balloons with helium to make the animals float around the room.

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