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Bowling is great fun! Of course you can't play with real bowling balls and bowling pins on an ordinary living room floor – but we have some easy tips and ideas to get around this problem. Naturally, the whole party has a bowling theme – from the invitations to the sweets. Let the party begin!

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Bowling pin invitation

Invite your friends to a special evening with a bowling pin card.

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Snack break!

Snacks are a must while you’re waiting for your turn to play. Before the party, make paper cones for sweets, crisps or popcorn.

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Sweets in a ball bag

Real bowling enthusiasts carry their lucky ball in a special bag. At the party, you can make your own bag to carry home your goodies.

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A bowling hall in your living room

Make your living room into a bowling hall, with rubber balls as bowling balls and plastic bottles as pins.

Bowling pins on the ceiling

Create a bowling atmosphere with a bunting of bowling pin flags on the ceiling. Hang it over the dining table or over the bowling lane.

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