The Syrup Guide - Dansukker

The Syrup Guide

More syrup is used at Christmas than at any other time of the year in Sweden. Syrup is an essential in everything from red cabbage and caramelised cabbage to toffee and gingerbread biscuits. But when should we use the different types of syrup? Use our Quick guide to find out.

Dansukker Light Syrup

Use in caramel toffees, fudge, gingerbread and farmer cookies. Read more »

Dansukker Light Syrup, Organic

Use in the same way as Dansukker Light Syrup in caramel toffees, fudge, gingerbread and desserts. Read more »

Dansukker Dark Syrup

Use in chocolate fudge, caramelised cabbage and cabbage rolls. Also, older recipes for gingerbread may use dark syrup. Read more »

Dansukker White Syrup

Use in saffron bread and other wheat breads. Use instead of a home-made syrup in liqueurs and punch. Read more »

Dansukker Bread Syrup

Use in all kinds of bread. As it contains malt it should not be used in cakes and candy. Contains gluten. Read more »

Dansukker Glucose Syrup

Helps prevent toffee and fudge crystallising and becoming grainy. Also helps to give ice-cream a soft and creamy consistency. Read more »