New! Muscovado Syrup

Muscovado syrup is obtained from sugar cane grown on the exotic island of Mauritius. It is a dark, strong-tasting syrup with a pleasant hint of aniseed. Our Muscovado Syrup is a Fairtrade product.

Creative Easter Baking

Everyone knows that baby chickens, baby bunnies and lambs belong to Easter. And here you can find them in new, fun shapes and forms.

Recipes of the week

Simple and seasonal

Easter salsa with prawns


Spring refreshments under the sun

Enjoy cookies with coffee, juice or milk.

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Desserts with Jelly Sugar Multi

Desserts such as mousses, puddings and panna cotta are easy with Dansukker Jelly Sugar Multi.

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Italian delicacies

Italy is famous for fashion, football, Vespas and espresso. But most of all, Italy is famous for its fabulous food.

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Delicious prawn dishes

Prawns are enjoyed by most people, and they can be served in so many different ways.

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